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Molded Carpet Kits

Molded Carpet Kits

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We have been offering Impala replacement carpets since 1999! We have simplified the process of replacing your carpet by pre-selecting the best options that will ultimately give you the best fit and finish.

Each replacement carpet will need to be custom cut/trimmed to your Caprice, Impala SS, Buick or Oldsmobile B-Body. This means it will require you to cut some holes and trim the edges. 

Replacement carpets come in either the 800 Series or the 1500 Series and both include the rubber-backing. The 800 series Cutpile carpet is going to be the most similar to your stock Impala or Caprice. The 1500 series carpet is twice as thick and twice as dense as the 800 Series. The 1500 series carpet also has twice the number of threads per square inch vs the 800 series Cutpile carpet. Both are incredibly plush and are very high quality items.

ACC is subcontracted by ImpalaSSCarpet.Com to produce our carpet kit. They use a mold that we had made over 20 years ago! ImpalaSSCarpet.Com part numbers are unique to our offering and are not the same as the replacement carpet molds offered by ACC for themselves or their other resellers! So if you order your molded carpet kit from someone else you are not getting the best fitting carpet kit that ImpalalSSCarpet.Com can offer!
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